Should sales be taught at schools?

Hemant Warier
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Sales is an important life skill. Sales is more than just a process of exchanging goods for money. It is the ability to connect with people and understand their needs. The founders of this community are mostly from Tech and Product backgrounds. However, being a founder means you have to be able to sell your product. Even if you have a great product, if you can't sell it, you won't be successful. Do you think sales as a skill should be taught at schools?


Saqib Ali
Well, that's a really good question. Not only for tech and product backgrounds, selling skills are important in almost all sorts of professions.
100% - I thought I was a great off-the-cuff speaker, always assuming I could do whatever I needed to get done. Until I began the sales process for one of my early projects (and jobs), I had no idea how poor my skills had been, how shy I was at certain points in the sales cycle etc. It was only after making myself do an insanely large amount of sales calls for my own and other businesses that I started to feel comfortable in these types of situations, and now that I am stronger at it, its clear how many 'sub-benefits' there are within all aspects of life that I never realized I was missing until I 'had' them