How many CTA buttons should be there on a landing page?

Hemant Warier
7 replies
This is our landing page for our Capterra PPC campaigns - We currently have only 1 CTA button to Sign up. Do you think we need more than CTAs - like Schedule a Demo, Send a Query, etc.


Nico Prananta
I think if you think Schedule a Demo could be helpful for the visitors, add it but less emphasised. And also, just my 2cents, but probably better to change the text "Sign up" to something else. Something like "Let's get started". It's just for me, a Sign up button is better placed in the top right, and use a more inviting text for CTA in the center.
Jonathan Massabni
Definitely a demo CTA :) Another 2cents, maybe more emphasis on the 7-day trial
Hemant Warier
@jonathanm I see from your perspective now - the 7-day trial is practically not noticeable. Thanks we will put some focus on it.
Mohsen Kamrani
Actually we currently have only the sign up button on as well, but planning to add a schedule a demo button soon. I don't think that's a bad thing to have, some people really need a demo first.
Angi Bowman
I agree with the others than more than one CTA would be ideal. If a customers lands on this page, how can they log in? But the bigger question: What are your analytics/visitors doing? I checked Ghostery, but it doesn't look like you have much in the form of visitor tracking. I would recommend using heatmaps and session recordings in particular to see what people do on the landing page. Are they scrolling? Are they not clicking on anything? Once they land on the page, what do they do? It can also help you really look at your landing page to see if the page layout isn't working with your visitors. Depending on what visitors do and how they engage, you may want to shuffle the layout a bit as well.