Sharing an important milestone for my latest project - BotMeNot!

Misha Krunic
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Hello everyone! I would like to share an important milestone! My latest project, BotMeNot, has started to significantly accelerate in terms of development! Last week we’ve ran its very first bot protection test on its own website - This week we have tested a couple of more additional websites’ bot protection and we’re excited to share the results with you! Also, we’ve categorized these websites according to the industry they’re in - so it’s interesting to see which industries prioritize bot protection more than others. If you’re interested in scoring and how the tests work check out - Here are the results - let me know what you think and if you have any questions! Idealo (DE) - 92/100 [Category: Price Comparison] CDiscount - 80/100 [Category: eCommerce] Bax Shop (NL) - 60/100 [Category: Music] KMart - 44/100 [Category: eCommerce] Yelp - 20/100 [Category: Review Platform]
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