Share your favourite Super Bowl commercial 📺

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Super Bowl commercials are BIG!! So big that the Coinbase app went from 186th position to 2nd position on App Store with just a 30-sec commercial. This was pure genius 🙌 Which commercial did you like the most? Btw, Qrile has also launched today, which lets you make YOUR own QRCode commercial 😉


Hussain Effendi
The coinbase QR commercial was just epic. And the traction that it saw, got their site to crash
Reza Farahani
Are we gonna see surge in cryptos too 🤔
Daniel Illenberger
I thought the Larry David commercial was pretty funny.
Coinbase all the way... P.S. I saw this commercial video only.
Abraham Samma
I'd say my favorite ad was for the Meta Quest because it was so bad it felt funny 🤣 I mean seriously, who greenlit that? It had to have been Zuckerberg himself.