Searching for new software should be easy for, and open to, everyone

Kacper Raubo
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Applications are an essence of any computer. This is why completing an ideal software stack is so important. And this is why it should be so easy. But it is not. Since each store with apps like App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store is a commercial product and is tied to particular company and environment, the business requires it not to focus on the matter of software itself or on providing truly the best apps in general. Instead, it requires to focus on providing the most profitable ones in order to earn as much as possible and only to those who use a particular environment. This is why I believe that the Software (as a collection of apps) and browsing the Software should work similarly to the way the Web (as a collection of documents) and browsing the Web work - it is not commercially tied to any company, focusing on users, not an income, and is open to everyone, whatever environment they use.


Viacheslav Maznov
How do you see it should be realised? Packs/collection of software for direct purposes published by some company on App Store etc? Or it should be some app - alternative to "main" stores with software collection available?
Rana Muzamal
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