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Markus Jenul
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To book more meetings, you will need these call to actions whether you like them or not. Gong analyzed 304,174 emails to find the best call to actions. They put them into 3 buckets: - Specific CTA: Ask for a meeting with a specific day and time - Open Ended CTA: Ask for a meeting but it's open ended - Interest CTA: Asks for interest, not a meeting BUT which one do you think works best? Well, research shows that it's the interest CTA. Join our Sales Network to receive more tips:


Sales is so hard 😮‍💨 It's great that keeping the conversation more personal has higher chances of success! Will totally check your Sales Network!
Markus Jenul
@johnnyfekete Great to hear that Johnny. Let me know if you have any challenges that we can help with. happy to connect you with the right people that have gone through it already.
Imtiyaz -
Absolutely. The first email should always ask to confirm if both are a good fit. It will make them to reply with either yes or no.
Markus Jenul
@imtiyaz922 totally agree. i think many people dont use that though because they are too focused on their metric: e.g. meetings. It seems like that the interest CTA is not leading towards that immediately but its a great door opener