SaaS B2B Referral Program Discussion

Rachit Nigam
2 replies
Looking for some suggestions here and thanks in advance. What's the appropriate time to work on a Referral program when building a SaaS B2B business? Is it something to be thought of at the very beginning even if users<100? Should it be a part of early GTM? If it should be a part of early GTM then what can be a better incentive plan, monetary or discount-based?


Artem Smirnov
I think it strongly depends on your customer. Super-busy people from Wall Street probably won't bother. 1-person businesses would be happy to do some sales for you to get a discount from you.
Mike McMinn
Co-founder of MyHub Intranet solutions
Don't bother in the early days, automate it by creating great SEO content.....oh and no referral commission to pay, this approach is infinitely more scalable. I started with one blog a week, now we have over 20K visitors a month.