Roast the idea - low-code Flutter engagement booster

Maciej Brzeziński
4 replies
The big picture is to create a service that would help with improving engagement of a Flutter app users It would be a web app + flutter widget that could be placed anywhere in the app Core feature for MVP: - easy creation of things like app introductions, permission requests, new features explanation changes can be done by non technical people changes do not require release to apply changes such approach allows to perform tests easy way Other possible features: - collecting surveys and feedback directly in the application - feature flags - analysis of user behavior What do you think? Would you like to use such tool?


Sergio Zaciu
As a non-technical founder I'm all for this.
Maciej Brzeziński
@szaciu nice to hear that! Are you creating your product with Flutter, or you liked the idea of remote app steering?
Maciej Brzeziński
Can I call it Widget as a Service - WaaS?
Ivan Ralic
It sounds like a good idea, there are a lot of web-based widgets of this kind, why not develop one native to flutter 😄 It just needs to be developer-friendly and architecture-independent 😄