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Junu Yang
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We think it's the fastest way to share annotated screenshots: What do you think? Sizzling roasts welcome 🔥


Rish A
Ok, not a roast, but I love how sketch-y it feels. The colors POP 😍 Actual feedback: - The text in your first GIF is blurry/low res, and that turns me off from the product. - The third & fourth feature feel kinda boring with more text & less color—so the look and feel is very different from the first half of the page. Other than that, this looks really fun and exciting! Good luck :)
Junu Yang
@rishika_anchalia Thanks so much for the feedback Rish! Great points on the gif being blurry and some of the later feature sections not being as interesting. Really appreciate it! Checked out Mason and some quick feedback: - I couldn't understand what Mason was even after scrolling all the way down. Then I clicked Product and read 'the design platform built for e-commerce' and I kind of got it. Helps designers / marketers better manage visual assets for marketing across many different placements—right? -'packed w/ power modes' is a bit confusing. Is it a button? What's a power mode? -'say hello to atoms'..seems like visual component concept for building visual assets. Maybe this could talk about brand system / consistency / look&feel as I'm sure it could be important for designers/marketers for ecomm sites/brands? -the testimonials and logos I think are great -there's no CTA at bottom of the page. the link 'we're happy to answer..' leads nowhere. 'Get early access' should be visible everywhere. Also is 'sign up' button in the sticky header signing up for mason or something different? Hope this is somewhat helpful!