Roast htts:// , Roast everything

Ib sylla ☝😎
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I’m wondering what’s do you think about ? Roast the landing page Roast the product for only what you know about it Roast the pricing Any other feedback will be appreciated πŸ™


The english needs work, grammatical errors especially with using 's'. It'll be good to mention how you are different/better from other such products. can it be 'team centric work management tool'?
John Smith
Can you roast coffee? :)
Geoff Jackson
If it's any use, I checked this out the other day as it came through in a Product Hunt email. I was on your website for a good couple of minutes and had no idea what your software does/is. The message it portrays is that you can somehow collate all your tasks and functions from other software into one centralised place. It seemed to just be another project management app. Anyway, I gave up and left.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Domain is bad. Language doesn't make sense and design is "meh".
I am missing the brand behind it. There is not much profile in it. Imo lifetime deals are not the best thing... seems like the company is ether broke (maybe thats the case when bootstraped) or the company is not here for the long run.. logo is medium. Good luck with your product :)) doesnt work