Looking for feedback for my landing page copy.

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Hi everyone, I've crafted 10 different copies for my project management and team collaboration software. I'll be glad to have your thought on these. Can you please 🙏 react to your favorite one? 1-Project management simplified from A to Z. 2-Manage your projects without friction. 3-A powerful collaboration roof for your projects. 4-Welcome Welti, the successful project manager superpower. 5-Maintain unbreakable project management cycles. 6-Easily organize your work. Empower team collaboration. 7-Make your projects and tasks more manageable. 8-Keep your work and projects under control. 9-The assisted steering for project management and team collaboration. 10-How projects land successfully. Thanks for your help


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8, especially if it were simplified to "keep your work under control" I like the positive sentiment of 10, but "land" feels awkward
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I like these ones out of the options: Project management simplified from A to Z. Easily organize your work. Empower team collaboration. "Project Management Superpowered" I am wondering, what is the difference between this tool and the other PM platforms out there?