Request for Product Hunt badges ideas!

Sharath Kuruganty
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We love celebrating products, but we realized that we could congratulate the community on their achievements. We launched badges last month with an initial set, but we can’t get enough now. If you haven’t seen those yet, go to your profile and add badges to your showcase so other users can see what you’re most proud of earning. We want to launch another set of badges this quarter (we’ve heard a lot of you request a badge for long streaks), so please submit your ideas here, and we’ll try to make some of them happen!


Andrii Kpyto
1) Badge for received answers for comments 2) Badge for upvoting others comment 3) Badge for upvoting others topic 4) Badge for subscribing for PH newsletter 5) Badge for gaining followers 6) Badge for following others 7) Badge for connecting Twitter 8) Badge for collecting other badges (bundle) 9) Badge for strikes anniversary (mentioned before, but can be extended by weeks, round numbers, milestones) 10) Badge for collecting products inside collections 11) Badge for number of following your collections 12) Badge for voting for a Golden Kitty Awards 13) Badge for collecting points 14) Badge for subscribing to upcoming products 15) Badge for following topics
Andrew E
1)Heart= Info that's genuine, from the heart, such as describing real struggles/learnings 2)Double Diamond = expert level advice 3)Hand shake = Good samaritan, for helping others achieve their goals altruistically
Connor Jewiss
Love this, the badges are a great idea!
TL Robinson
This is such a great question! To have a badge the identifies categories of what makers have launched. I think it would be easier to find and connect with resources in our niche/industry.
Rajat Dangi 🛠️
@5harath Hope you guys introduce some of these 🤞 1. Ninja Hunter -- For hunting X number of products in Y duration. 2. PH Author OR Published on PH -- For People who published a story on Product Hunt. 3. Product Taste -- For people who upvote "Product of the day" before it becomes "Product of the day" 4. Supporter -- For people who support new launches with their suggestions in the comment. Several of the comments on products got a reply from the maker. 5. Curious -- For people who ask great questions in discussions that engage the best minds in the community. 6. Opinion Seeker -- For people who create engaging polls very often in discussions. 7. Advocate -- For people who invite new users to Product Hunt. 8. Super Makers -- For the winners of the Makers Grant. 9. Sharp Eye -- For people who regularly read the release notes from the PH team. 10. Notable -- For people who host most events on PH.
Alyssa X
Badges are fun! Let me think of some ideas... - Hitting a milestone (e.g. hitting 1000 upvotes / comments / followers) - Upvoting a product that ends up becoming a Product of The Day - General badges for the Golden Kitty Awards (winning, being a finalist, voting for a winning product...) - Making the top product in a specific topic (e.g. Chrome Extensions, productivity...) - Leaving a helpful review on a product (could be measured by number of upvotes + replies?) - Participating in an event (IRL or virtually) - Being the first to comment or upvote on a product (aside from the maker) - Sharing a product on Twitter or Facebook
Andrew E
4) connector = when someone is responsible for making a product more viral/known
Jim Raptis
Would love to see these fun badges: - Early Voter of a top product - Most likes on a product comment in a day - Best daily streak on PH - Writer of a top discussion in a day - Most golden kitty award nominations/wins in a year - Best team player (eg. made X products with other ppl) - Funniest profile picture - Most comments with a cat emoji
Deep Dave
- Badge for upvoting products (category-wise) - Badge for total upvotes by the user (monthly/yearly) - Badge for comments (category-wise)
Reece Atkinson
First comment’s
Alex Harris
Really love this idea! We have been looking into badges for our own product so this discussion is a very helpful way to see how people think about it
@5harath Badges are a great idea! There could be a "treasure hunter" badge for hunting a not so PH category product but super-useful in general.