Remote Work vs Office Work

Wael Khattar
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I've realized recently that working from the office with the team is 100 times for productive than working remotely. The information flow, the ability to reach someone anytime easily has made things easier, especially as we're still at an early stage with a small team. However I want us to become a Remote-First company, any idea on how can we make remote work better? Which tools are you using? Any tips and tricks to improve our current process?


Alice Rodgers
try to research best practices, such as Hubspot Hybrid for example
Jason Cavness
One thing I would do is come up some type of method to make sure the people you hire can succeed in a remote environment. Remote work is not for everyone. Maybe have them give examples of work they did when they worked by themselves. Or ask how they work with limited supervision. Ask how responsive they are.
Wael Khattar
@jasoncavness So far they are delivering, we're working based on tasks and deadlines and generally speaking we're meeting them. I'm not facing any problems with remote work from a productivity perspective (after a 1 week physical onboarding) What I'm facing issues with is building a culture and creating a "team" that is close together.
Simon Row
Remote work has more advantages
Julia Doronina
2-3 days remotely and remaining days - from the office, I think that this way will help to increase productivity and avoid burnout
Jonathan Yan
Hi @wael_khattar1 ! At oVice, we design customizable virtual spaces for our users to make unique and their own. Our goal is to give remote workers the "office feel" by allowing them to interact with one another in real time to make teamwork, brainstorming and collaboration so much easier through a number of our features. You can check us out at to have a look around and see how it works!