Remote Teams

Judy Chen
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What are some activities you have/have seen implemented for team building and morale improvement in a remote workplace environment? Did it work?


We've done a few things: - coffee chats over video, nothing work wise just a catch up - Lunch and Learns - short topics - Jackbox Game sessions - We also have a section in each monthly team meeting that is just for people to show appreciation - prior to the meeting a request is sent out for people to send them in and then they're shown Would be interested in other peoples ideas :)
Jaskiran Kaur
Events on zoom for some particular days like mental health day. Fun games and talks at the end of meetings,etc
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! If I had a team working remotely, I would suggest the following options: - phoned in zoom over a cup of coffee - online learning - competition for the best presentation of the completed work - Online Games - brunch on monday ))