Has anyone had multiple PH launches? What did you do differently?

Judy Chen
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With our first launch on PH, my team and I went in a bit rushed and did not get the results we were looking for. So, we've regrouped, researched, reached out to our community, and are planning to try again! But continual learning is key so please share your launch stories and impart any wisdom so we can all learn and get better!


Matthew Johnson
I've launched twice on PH - once with a prior startup. What we did differently the second time was wait a bit longer to launch when the product was more developed, and we got a lot more paying users out of the launch than the first time. However, with the second one we probably waited too long because we could have launched twice by now.
Bertha Kgokong
I definitely seems that companies who launch for the second or third time do much better, I am also curious to find out what those learning points are from launch 1. Can we learn from your experiences so we do better, the first time.