Recommendations for PH launch video

Gavin Hammar
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Can you recommend a video production company or freelancer that you’ve worked with to help with your PH launch video — or have you just done it yourself?


Hyung Moon
Just to share our experience, we hired a small production company to film a live action commercial. As well as hired a graphic design production company to create a purely visual walk through of our app and some of the features. We plan on using the graphic commercial for our product hunt launch!
Gavin Hammar
@moonfrombuddy would you be willing to share the names of the companies you used?
Imtiyaz -
We hired a freelancer from Freelance to help us create a product explainer video for our website. We're thinking of using the same video for our PH launch as well. You can take a look at the video by following this link: Alternatively, you can use InVideo to create other tutorial videos yourself.
Gavin Hammar
@imtiyaz922 this is awesome! Would you be willing to share the details of the freelancer?
Rich Watson
Are videos worth going the extra mile for a good launch?