What's the best way for founders to start building a community?

Gavin Hammar
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With the saturation of traditional marketing channels, it's becoming crucial that founders build communities around them. Where do you start?


Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I'd start with a solution you have complete control over e.g. xenforo, vbulletin. It will take off slower, but once it gains traction it will run itself.
Gavin Hammar
@1988seb I completely agree. It’s important to own your audience and have direct access as opposed to relying on an algo to show them your content.
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One of the best ways for founders to build a community is through social media platforms or by starting an online forum or blog. It's a great way to interact with potential customers directly and update them on the latest developments.
Rich Watson
Social media. I use Discord, have had great success. But after the time and effort it took to built the community, I wouldn't do it again.
Rosie Sherry
Take the Minimum Viable Community approach and understand that community starts with conversations. https://rosie.land/posts/a-guide...