Recommend please app to track time of speakers in zoom conference.

Elizaveta Karelina
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Hi guys! I want to track the time of speakers in zoom. Track time manually for each person will be not easy. Maybe there is some app for it. Thanks for any recommendations!


Sam Bauer
Hi Elizaveta, I can't give you the tool you are looking for, but I would need it too. Why would you need it? That's super interesting for me because we were discussing in the recent days that zoom calls have some tendency to deactiveate their users over long periods of times, a bit like good old school lessons in the 20th century. We on our side are developing an activating Async Video Tool: Now we would like to campare the statistics, how many clicks and talking parts does every zoom user have in average to a timz-user. So if you find the tool please tell me, or if you find the stats, because we will need it. I think an active user is in many use cases very valuable as their creativity gets triggered and you want to have them creative and productive, no matter of coworkers or pupils.