ProjectHunt is live and trending as #3 on PH, AMA and do share your suggestions and feedback

Mayank Mishra
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Hey Product Hunters! My name is Mayank Mishra, Cofounder of Poppins, a product designer and a no-code fellow at OnDeck, and today I'm really excited to share my project with the Product Hunt community for the first time. ProjectHunt is a personal build-in public challenge where I decided to learn, build, validate, ship, and launch a small but functional app on ProductHunt using no-code tools within two days. ProjectHunt is a place to discover top resources on the build-in public and no code. Here is how it works? Upload your project on ProjectHunt and get feedback and visibility :scissors: Find curated content on No-code and build in public. Upvote the projects you like, find details about the project, the creators, tool stack, etc. :mega: Reach out to the builders for feedback, queries and Receive curated content and projects about no code and build in public directly on your inbox. PROJECT HUNT


@mishra_mayank Thanks for sharing. I'm looking into it right now.