Professionals of PH: what physical activity do to keep yourself fit?

Vivek Vardhan
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Working long hours, and leading a sedentary lifestyle can take a toll after a while. Suggest what activities you do to keep yourself fit.


What really matters is at least two or three short, brisk walks. I work at a desk all day and I have to move at least twice a day. After the gym (and if my knees are up for it) I take a short 30 minute walk after dinner--this is important because your body needs to move after a meal in order to metabolize what you've eaten. If you're just inactive what will happen is that it'll quickly convert to fat.
Echoing what joe said below. Also, set a goal and divide that goal up throughout the day. For example, 100 push-ups a day. Do 10 push-ups every time you send an email. This is a super efficient way of staying fit without ever needing to go to the gym.
Andy Walraven
Take a good, long walk. I would often take my team out for a coffee/tea/juice and have them walk several blocks with me. It's not just for the exercise - it's for the reset. Not only do we get out of shape, tired and listless when being sedentary for too long, we also start getting diminishing returns on our mental productivity. I've heard people say "Oh man, you want to walk that far?", only to return and feel like they had an hour-long nap and are ready for round two. It's therapeutic both physically and mentally to just step away, get some air... and move your feet.
Joanne Hurley
Walking is definitely great exercise for multiple reasons, general health, getting outside. Running to get the heart pumping. I also do a lot of pilates and yoga. If you sit at a desk all day some good stretching and muscle strengthening exercises are key.
Joanne Hurley
I would just add, finding something you actually like / enjoy is probably key to which excercise is 'the best' as you are more likely to make it part of your routine than if you feel its just something you have to do but dont enjoy. What that is for everybody might be different.
Sandra Djajic
Walking and cycling whenever possible! If I have the option of either taking public transportation or cycling, I'll choose the latter.
Qudsia Ali
I do yoga and go for a long morning walk. Yoga helps me in physical strength, balance, and flexibility, and the morning walk gives me the energy to go through the whole day.
Ellie Huxtable
Weightlifting and walking :) I love a good hike!
Brian Regan
I used to swim in college and loved it. Now where I live there are public lap pools open very early that I'm able to take advantage of. It is a great perk of living in the desert :) Some days I am not able to make it swimming and will go to the gym or outside and see how far I can run in 20 minutes. This is a very short workout, but something you can fit in during lunch if you need that break. Exercise has been the best way for me to stay mentally sane during covid and starting a company. Highly recommend taking that 20-30 minutes a day for yourself and staying healthy.
Dawn Veltri
I run 30-40 miles a week. It keeps me sane.
Chen Friedman
As some people on here mentioned - walking is a key in my life. It's the best to do it early morning, just before you start with everything else - choose a point a bit far away from your home and walk there and back. The rest of the day is just real easy.
Daniel Engels
30 minutes of running 2 times a week, some swimming on the weekend, cycling.
Yoga, but looking for more ideas to mix things up
Michael Silber
Rock climbing is my main form of exercise, but I mix in yoga and kettlebell training as well. Having a kettlebell next to my desk is a great way to get the blood moving if I'm feeling a little lethargic in the middle of the day.
Piotr Borkowicz
Going to gym once/twice in a week. Mostly weight lifting combined with cardio training and exercises involving many muscle groups
Nick Bess
I don't want to lose weight, though it is essential for me to do exercises regularly to stay fit and feel good. I should say, the instructions for a slim thick body work well for me I do weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Also, I drink lots of water.
For me the hardest part is to actually remember to move. I have to set reminders to get away from the desk. After that the movement of choice does not matter that much. But most often I just take my dog for a walk.