Last full-week of May, Any advice to end the month strongly?

Vivek Vardhan
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Frankie Xu
Hi Vivek! What are the goals you have set for the month? if you have crushed them already? Great job, now would be the perfect time to think, document and strategize for June/rest of Q2. If you still need to hit it, AMP UP your activity! (Whether it is getting more user feedback, user growth etc) Best of luck and see you at END of May
Vivek Vardhan
@frankie_xu1 Target is for 150, currently I am at 99. Backing myself to ace it. How are your numbers?
Denis Pimenov
Set a goal that can be achieved in a week))
Vivek Vardhan
@new_user_11620223ff4de5436 Makes sense. How long do you plan for? I prefer quarterly targets.
Denis Pimenov
@marketing_baba I have 3 long term goals. They are designed for 10-15 years. Naturally, there are intermediate tasks. They are designed for a shorter period. For example, half a year.
Vivek Vardhan
@saif_ullah_khalid I do. But I wish my project understood the same. :P JK, Thanks for the advice, Saif. :)
Siena Romes
Check your traffic and see if you're hitting your numbers. If not, rethink your strategy for the next quarter.
Vivek Vardhan
@siena_romes Yes, I need to amp traffic to the website. Still trying to add more content so that I can distribute more. Good tip. Thanks, Siena.
Qudsia Ali
To end the month strongly, I would urge you to take some time and think about what you planned for the month and what you were able to achieve according to that, where things went wrong, what mistakes you made, and how you can improve them and prepare for the next month.
Donald Dude
Just sit back and think: 1. Are you happy? 2. What is your accomplishment for the month? 3. What are you going to do the next month?
Marina Đurić
Look at the main goal for the month and what activities can realistically be done to get as close to or achieve the plan as possible. When you lay out the activities, delegate responsibility and tasks to team members, and track progress. At the end of the month, use this time to evaluate results from the previous and lay down a plan for the upcoming month.
Eithiriel DeMeré
Feeling energetic and inspired? Create a 30 day / month-long challenge for June before going into it and completely transform your life by the end of :that: month! Use to plan weekly and monthly goals.
Iya Mendoza
We just hit the lowest revenue we had for Instant Logo Design ( It's basically an Ai-powered logo maker, and we mainly trust SEO and backlinking for our marketing tactics. Any tips and advice? 😅
Dylan Merideth
I am here to learn from others and listen. But this month for my team and I has been about executing for the sake of executing. Its a grind, and staying positive can be challenging, but by being focused on both your mission and being present in operating your business is about all one can ask for to help keep momentum moving, no matter the month, the time, the economy or the adversity in your way
Vivek Vardhan
@dylan_merideth I agree, Dylan. Having a clear mission and clear ways to execute it are the core of success. Thanks for the good reminder. :)
Pramit Marattha
All I can suggest is to focus on one specific objective and work towards it.
Vivek Vardhan
@pramit_marattha Yes, I define primary KPI and always that act as a north star for success of the project. Thanks for input. :)
Revisit the strategies set for the quarter, analyze and address how else it can be improved from this point on.
Vivek Vardhan
@adithya15966988 Looking forward to reviewing the strategies before June. Thanks for kind reminder, Adithyan.
Sakshi Gahlawat
One lesson learned is you’ve got to finish the scenario with excellence. You just cannot stop!
Sakshi Gahlawat
Finishing strong is an everyday occurrence as there will never be a goal, day, quarter, or year that does not come to an end. This means finishing strong is not an act, it’s a habit.
Muhammad Anees
Think honestly about whether any of your strategies are negative and how you can adjust your plan to avoid or minimise their impact.
Mayank Bishwas
May not be the popular opinion but perhaps just take the last day slow, relax...if possible, introspect. And start the new month with a new energy :)