Product Hunt Beta?

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This might be a dumb suggestion, but if: - you've got a product you want to get eyes on, but it's in Beta - you want to launch now but also want to launch again when it's out of Beta - you just want some feedback, but more complex than a community post then a fully-fledged launch might be a bit over the top. Might even hurt a little. What if, following the build-in-public ethos, there'd be a list of products that want to soft launch into their Beta phase. I'd even pay for that, on a model similar to Ship. I have projects that are not quite there yet, but I'd want to see what people think. And to browse other projects in the same stage. How does that sound?


Fabian Maume
Product hunt allows you to relaunch after 6 months if you have new major features. So you can launch the beta to get betta users and relaunch a more polished version later on. Just for the first launch do not expect to reach the top 10, target the top 30 with a no-frill launch: