POLL: Trello, Jira, or JetBrains?

Nicole Ogloza
13 replies
Curious to see who uses these above for product and dev management, and what has worked for you?


Ivan Ralic
I've used GitLab in previous startup, I've had great experience managing multiple teams and multiple projects through it. It's label-based organization which enables you to have multiple processes around same issues. It also has built-in ticketing system for support and incident tickets. Communication with clients is native, you write a comment they receive an email. Overall it had everything we needed in one tool 😄
Guy Barner
Haven't used Jetbrains, but to me, Jira and Trello are in completely different categories and do not compete at all. Trello is awesome for individuals and really small teams that want to run fast, but I haven't heard of any teams over 5 that actually use it for sprint MGMT. It's just missing too many things.
Fabian Maume
I'm personally using ora.pm it allows to aggregate several trello boards on a single timeline.
Nicole Ogloza
@fabian_maume interesting. thanks for that tip!!! How big is your company (or how many employees do you have)?
Talia Bender
I love Trello, but right now we are currently using a management software called Shortcut (app.shortcut.com). I actually really like Shortcut as well as it gets the job done and also integrates very well with Slack.
Jonathan Massabni
Best in a small team : Trello with Drive and Slack integrations Best in medium or large teams : Jira with many other Altlassian tools integrations!
I've voted for "other?" as I'm using Zenkit (https://zenkit.com/) for years now. It all started with just one App for Project / Product management and over the years the team added more amazing products to their suite. The latest release was Zenforms and it ended up as product of the day on producthunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post... With seperate apps for note-taking, forms, projects and to-do lists, all in one suite, I'm able to excecute any kind of tasks in my business while I don't have to switch between different softwares to get the job done. It's definitely worth to check out 🙂