Productivity Tips + Best Biz Book I have ever read

Nicole Ogloza
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Hi All! Wanted to share a few tips about productivity that has helped me launch a successful startup! When I was a deployment consultant at Workday, the CEO's gave everyone in the company a book. The book was 'Measure What Matters,' by legendary John Doerr. The book talks about alignment among massive teams that can scale to almost seemingly unreachable results. It also talks about how Google operates in and out to GET S*&!$!@#$ DONE! Doerr's book talks about OKR's: Objective and key results, which can be applied to almost anything and anyone in your company, for extreme accountability and transparency, and taking into account how the employee's role is impacting larger company goals (instead of being just a number). I would highly recommend checking it out. Ever since I implemented it at my company, we moved so fast, that things started getting EASY! In addition to that, I come from a sales background, and knowing that it's a numbers game, time is of the essence. Our CEO told the company that each employee should break things up through out the day in 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals, with 15 minute breaks in between, 4x a day. That way, you don't get bored or burned out just sitting at one task (calling people) the whole time. BREAK THINGS UP! and then chunk it together (kind of like putting a puzzle together). Let me know your thoughts on these tips or book. I used to read hundreds of books a year, and 'Measure What Matters' has consistently showed up as number one on my list!!!
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