Poll - Choose one to spend your build budget on:

Leo J Barnett
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Let's imagine there's a $10K marketing budget for A & B and each feature is equally desired by the customer. Would love to hear the communities thoughts! It's a classic startup scenario...


Ng Fang Kiang
C is more realistic. You don't need 100000 features to make it work. Start with the core functionality because no one will have time to use those features. Otherwise, the burn rate will be very high before even starting marketing. I hope this helps; I'm saying these because I'm starting my app with community with some core features. I spent lots of time on development, it's now even more time on marketing. My 2 cents
Leo J Barnett
@jorcus Totally agree regarding burn rate and establishing community before build is an excellent strategy.
Andrew C.
Option C makes the most sense to me. Simply because 5 perfectly working features work best for me and my product.
Leo J Barnett
@andrewcanday That's awesome Andrew. Keep it simple!