Podcasters, what's one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start a podcast?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Find your niche early on. Then go deep down the rabbit 🕳️ to cater to your audience. Plus, learn the craft of storytelling. 🚀
Michael Silber
Don't worry about getting the best equipment at first. Use whatever will do the job and start podcasting
Rick Turoczy
Learn to love editing. You'll spend far more time in editing than you will recording.
Todd Kunsman
Don't worry about being perfect during recording, technology makes it easier to clip and redo anything. You'll get better overtime naturally! I always told guests that too, which would help relax people who are more new to being interviewed or anxious when it comes to recording (:
Aymen Loukil
Just start. Start with your own tools and equipment, upgrade later. Create a website and start building an audience.
Audrey Lo
Don't worry about being perfect when you start or you'll never get your first episode out. You'll refine your "voice", production quality, and content direction through the process.
Be you, the world needs you as you are.
Willintong Ramirez Rodriguez
Let each topic flow and don't be too scripted.
Joshua Dance
If you are going to start a podcast, commit to at least 20 episodes. So many do 2 or 3 then stop.
Maxwell Davis
Hey @tiagorbf surely you’ve got some opinions on this!
Saurabh Thakur
just get yourself started with what you have ,no need to increase the learning curve too much ,....just be with the flow and just get your best possible content ...
Jason Cavness
I have been doing a podcast, The Jason Cavness Experience for almost 3 years. In that time, I know 50 people who have started a podcast. Only 5 are still doing their podcast. Be sure this is what you want to do. If you think you are going to have Joe Rogan numbers in 6 months you are fooling yourself. Many people quit because they only have 50 listens an episode. But think about it. What would you give to speak to 50 people each week at a conf or something like that. Also, like @RickTuroczy said learn to love editing.
Andrew Hall
Don't allow excuses to stop you from pursuing your ideas. The biggest challenge to starting a podcast is making the decision to do it. Also, pick a topic that interests you. Don't worry about whether or not anyone will listen. Talk about what's important to you, and others interested in the topic will find you.
Aishwarya Ashok
- Picking a base and trying to see how to create a circumference around it. This is how you get variety and alternate topics under a particular concept you'd want to be covering. - Having a cold email pitch. Nothing fancy or complex, just a little note of 'what you do' 'why you do' 'why you want them as a speaker' to be sent to the list of potential speakers you've targeted. - Focus on the story you want to be bringing out. Equipment, style/accent, distribution can all be improvised later when you have stellar story in each episode.
Michel raugh
Podcast is important because podcast is future its consume time and stay up to date, if you want to start a podcast go to in your thoughts grab your niche then you will catch your attention by audience.