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Mayank Mishra
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Hey Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ We would like to tell you the backstory and introduce you to Poppins, a productivity app that makes Slack actionable! πŸš€ πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» So why did we create Poppins? Poppins was built as an internal tool out of sheer frustration to solve our own problems of context switching on Slack! We tried and tested every possible way to make our work productive by using ticketing tools and productivity hacks but every time we had to move outside of Slack. So we built a simple digest for Slack named Poppins, it helped us save ~1 hour and soon we started getting a lot of interest from fellow founders to use it as well. 😻 Due to the demand, we launched Poppins on the slack app directory and within a few days, Slack featured Poppins as the #1 new & noteworthy app. Teams from all over the world started using Poppins and within 4 weeks, we crossed 100 teams in more than 40 countries. πŸ… We have also been featured as the #1 Brilliant Bot on the Slack app directory and invited by Slack to talk about productivity during the Slack event. πŸ† We have been the #1 Product of the week on Remote tools. ❓ But what is Poppins? πŸ“ A Slack app that allows users to capture messages and make them as action items or discussion items. Slack users find it helpful as a personal CRM to stay on top of Slack for their teams to manage items on Slack and across the workspace. πŸ“ No Context Switching: Everything happens right inside Slack, users never leave slack which keeps them productive and saves time. Users are already saving ~1 hour daily! πŸ“ Meeting Notes on Slack: Teams use Poppins to capture important discussions during meetings, 1:1’s, and all-hands to act on them later. πŸ“ Done’s report: when an item is done, it is captured in the done’s report, at the end of the week, users get an overview of all their dones items chronologically. ❓ Who is this for? Poppins is used by everyone in the organization. Founders and Leaders: Use Poppins to get a bird’s eye view, workspace, and cross-workspace digest Managers and Team Leads: Use Poppins to manage their team’s action items within Slack. Use cases cover 1:1’s, all-hands meetings, etc. Individual: Used as a personal to-do list and CRM Community: Used to manage items and find resources Also… πŸ”’ Poppins is an encrypted platform. –100’s of teams trust us. Excellent customer support: we’re humbled and proud of the customer love we have been getting, we love to jump on calls, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever our users are and help them. πŸ“’ Coming Soon: We’re working tirelessly to help users capture action items outside of Slack as well on platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Emails, etc. Our goal is to help every employee get 40% more productive. We seek your support for our launch at PH. Try !Poppins app on Slack and let us know what you think by dropping a comment! https://www.producthunt.com/post... 🎁 Poppins is free for all the early believers!! Thanks β˜•οΈ We are very grateful. Manju and Mayank, co-founders, Poppins ✨


Mayank Mishra
Producthunters, feel free to ask any queries, I'll be happy to answer them here!
Julia Doronina
Good luck with the launch!
Karina Skrinnik
Wow, you did a great job. Hope you`ll make it!
Alexey Shashkov
Mayank, this is a cool story and the great product. I hope you'll get the #1 product of the day. Good luck!
Dawn Veltri
Congrats on the launch!
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This is awesome! Good luck!!
Devanand Premkumar
Happy for you and wishing you the very best for Poppins and the whole team behind it.