Other than PH what are some great platforms to launch your products?

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I love the IndieHackers community and just recently the GenZ Mafia community launched their own "Product Launch" community.


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I asked a similar question about a month ago and there were some great answers and checked out a few https://www.producthunt.com/disc... For real 1-1 community I am really enjoying https://www.lunadio.com ran by @ichangetheway with super generous members.
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@emotf thank you for mentioning Lunadio 🙏
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I prefer IndieHacker and Pioneer.app. Those are very positive supportive communities -- you will learn a lot.
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With Keypup 2.0 we also launched on Betalist and BetaPage. They are great places to launch a product or a startup. Check those out!
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@cica_laure_mbappe Very cool, congrats on the launch - I will check those out!
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I think it is also important to remember to launch where your customers are. Even if the platforms are smaller.
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@stephenmurrell Completely agree with that.. I've struggled in the past to narrow my focus on a specific niche and it didn't pan out well.
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This was so informative. Thank you!
Facebook groups?
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IndieLog is a good one too
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I would look for groups where your target customers are, after all they are the ones who are going to be most engaged in the long run.