Open-source tool to build CI/CD pipeline?

Mohsen Kamrani
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Are you interested in an open source tool that helps you build your CI/CD pipeline manifest (usually a yaml file) with predefined templates? For example you want a .gitlab-ci.yaml all you do is just drag and drop (or use cli) templates that grow everyday and just pass few parameters and you get the yaml file. You don't need to even know how to organise the jobs in the pipeline, the tool will guide you. It can support Gitlab, Github actions, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.


Junior Owolabi
You are starting with a solution, what is the desired outcome? Let me think of a potential outcome for this: Automatically migrating for one ci/cd product to another. This potential problem/opportunity: when trying to migrate from Jenkins to AWS ci/cd solution we have to setup the pipelines again. Have you checked what are ready exists?
Mohsen Kamrani
@rilwan_owolabi1 Hi Junior, the desired outcome is "to help you set up your pipeline on whatever tool you want without prior familiarity with the tool with a simple intuitive UI". And what you mentioned is actually a vey good example of how this simplicity can result in solving more advanced/problematic scenarios. When you want to migrate from one of these tools to another, for many reasons, the biggest challenge is to set up the pipelines again, and that's what I found a bit challenging. Regarding any other tools, yep I have tried but haven't found anything like this.
Dimitris Karavias
Devil is in the details. How many parameters are "few"? How much documentation do I have to read to get started? How soon will I reach the limitations of this system? This last question is the most difficult one. You need to know what I'm trying to build to answer it. So you need to understand the segments of your potential users and which ones to target. The biggest mistake will be to go for everyone. Finally, how much end to end time do I save? Factor in setting up the tool and learning it, vs just editing a yaml directly.
Mohsen Kamrani
@dkaravias Thanks Dimitris for mentioning all these points and so much good advice. By "few" I really mean only the necessary details making every step trivial compared to doing the whole step by yourself. The limitation is obviously gonna be more restrictive at the beginning and will become less and less as the community gets involved. Also, I really want to make using it so trivial that basically the learning curve becomes close to zero. I'll soon make it available and maybe that can give a better idea how it's gonna solve the problem.