Founders, do you wanna see how other startups are performing?

Mohsen Kamrani
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So after building our product in stealth mode for over three years it's time for us to introduce ourselves to the outside world. It's been a couple of weeks that we're transitioning from introverts to extroverts :D and as I always go head first towards my fears, just decided to post publicly our progress in building a community and reveal literally every details about it (traffic acquisition, subscriptions, cost to benefit ratio, etc.). Trust me it's gonna be fun to follow. In this blog, on a daily basis, you'll read about what approaches we try and how effective they actually are. We're open to suggestions and if there is the wildest ideas that you're even afraid of trying, if we like the idea too, we're happy to be the guinea pig and try it on ourselves and post the result too :) Wish us luck cause we're gonna need it!


Mohsen Kamrani
Hi PH fam. We're very close to our beta launch and as I mentioned, I've decided to document everything we do to build a community, attract early adapters and first paid customers. I promise not to hide anything unless it's seriously business critical and/or violates a legal agreement or contract. Please let me know if there is anything you want to know in particular.