One day before the launch, best practices I follow for the launch day! T -24Hrs

Mayank Mishra
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Hey Hunters, super excited to launch Poppins ( tomorrow on Producthunt. Here are some of the best practices I'm following and documenting which might be helpful for fellow hunters when they plan to launch. I started preparing for the launch a month ago, I wanted @chrismessina to hunt my product as he's the #1 hunter and also he's genuinely a supporter of productivity apps. I prepared my launch video one month ago and all the materials were designed way in advance. These assets are very important for the launch. Build-in public: I announced the launch two weeks back to warm up the supporters on different channels. I'll update the launch date from time to time. Created a checklist for Notion, one week before the launch. Creating a list of supporters: I've created a list of Poppins users and supporters for the launch day. Getting good sleep in advance is something I learned from my last launch on PH which ended as the #5th product of the day! (!Projecthunt ) Launch days are super busy, reply to all comments at the earliest and engage. PH community is global hence traffic comes all day long. Be prepared. Okay folks, let's get back to work! drop a comment if you have any questions!


Looking good. Can I ask what platform you are using for your landing page at
Julia Doronina
Good luck with the launch! Did you use Ship before the launch?
Julia Doronina
@mishra_mayank thank you very much! You can follow our Upcoming Page to do not miss our launch, I will appreciate your support!
Mia Pham
Did you contact your hunter before or after you had your assets ready? Just looking to see the best practices to get in touch with hunters. Thank you!!!
Simon Barker
Good luck, too me a bit of scrolling and reading before I worked out what the product actually does - I'm sure that was just me being a bit dense though
Alexey Shashkov
Dude, thx for sharing that! It's really helpful. I'm going to launch my new product here soon, and your tips are super helpful! You're doing really well! I hope you'll get the #1 of the day tomorrow, Mayank!
All the best with the Launch. Getting Chris would be super cool. Hope he noticed it.
Bertie IP
Awesome man! I'll be following tomorrow and wishing you the best of luck 🚀
Mayank Mishra
Poppins is live and you can check what steps I've been following to build in public with the community here: