On a scale of 1 - 10 how much would you change to reduce your environmental impact ? (1 - low)

Brittany Salas
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Our planet is dying and I am quite concerned. We all play a part but it's hard to pin point what we can do about it and what we need to change first in order to make a difference. Behavior change on an individual level can seem futile but what if that behavior was connected to a much larger climate solution. Would you do it? Would you spend money on it? Would you brag about it? Shameless plug, if you made it this far, sign up to join our Beta test: https://sadu.app/


Jasmine Tom
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3 for now It depends on the alternative solutions
1 to 2 — Being sensitive about this as an issue. 3 to 5 — Both sensitive and taking some conscious action to minimize personal carbon footprint 5 to 8 — Be an advocate and activist to create an impactful habit in the community. 9 to 10 — If someone claiming that possibly bluffing. Myself — @ one and a long way to go
Brittany Salas
@gj_jo This is helpful. Thank you! We are building for those at level 1 who would like to envision a world where everyone was at level 5.
Daniel Engels
That would be a 3 for me.
In fact, I say 8 because, unfortunately, we live in a world where people tend to quickly go to extremes, that's why I put this note. On the other hand if the actions are explained to me and the impacts, I can easily go to 10.
Brittany Salas
@fares_aktouf That makes a lot of sense. Having the data on impact of the decision definitely helps with the process. We have been working on this process for incentives for a while with https://sadu.app/ . Would love to hear your feedback if you have a chance.
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Murali Gottumukkala
At the cusp of every civilization, the need would drive us to change and innovate. So 5 is my answer
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Jasmine Tom
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