How do you know when NOT to listen to a potential investor?

Brittany Salas
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When I leave an investor meeting with new ideas and creative buzz and it makes me want to purse the deal. Sometimes I leave knowing he or she has no interest in sharing our vision but can take bits and pieces of the feedback to improve our pitch. What "gut feeling" do you trust when it comes to listening to potential investors?


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There's a line in the book "INSPIRED" that resonated with me. I think it was: "listen to all the feedback, but don't write it down." To me the important part is not trying to figure out which advice is good and which is bad. I just try to learn as much as possible. I always focus on learning as much as possible so that when the time for decisions comes, I am as smart as possible. I feel like this mindset frees me up and it feels much more productive listening to feedback this way. It also makes me ask better questions.
It really depends on the quality of the investor. If they are a notorious / famous investor and they are giving you advice, you better listen. But if it's just some bozo who thinks he is enlightened and knows everything it is probably better to just listen to your gut instinct.
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Put yourself in investor's shoes and figure out what investor is getting from giving this advice. In another words does investor do it to further his/her own needs (for example to grow the company fast and sell it asap) or to actually help the current situation long term. Ask yourself what would you do in his/her place?