Older discussion topics and are they still worth contributing to?

Hwei Oh
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Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the Product Hunt community and just seeing some of the older posts that look really interesting, but I'm not sure whether they're too old to contribute to? What's standard protocol? It also doesn't appear that you can search for topics in the "Discussions" so I'm also cognizant of adding a discussion topic that may already have been covered! Any hot tips let me know. I want to be able to help others if I can.


Jacqueline von Tesmar
Feel free to add to older discussions and create new ones even if similar ones exist from the past. Keep them coming!
Fabian Maume
You can search for old discussion using google search: "keyword + site:https://www.producthunt.com/disc..." However old discussion do not have much traffic, so I'm not sure it worth answering discussions, which are no more visible on the recent discussions list.