How much prep did you put in before launching on Product Hunt?

Hwei Oh
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We launched on Product Hunt today and it was fairly stressful to be perfectly honest. We started preparing about three months in advance, and took on a lot of the advice from the Product Hunt Launch Guide (as well as a ton of other articles) and basically turned this into a check-list of "things to do" before the launch. Would love to hear how much time and effort you put into your launch and what were the key learnings you gained from your own experience? Feedback welcome on our page, as we really want to make sure our messaging has come across clearly, without any annoying jargon: 🙏


I haven't launched on producthunt yet. But I wouldn't say producthunt is a make or break for your product. For me atleast, I am trying to enjoy my journey of building a product.
Sanskar Tiwari
@anyfactor break? you made me worried how?
Jeff Zhang
took 3-4 weeks. Most time consuming part was finding a hunter who was willing to help us for free
@jeff_zhang5 interessting, thanks for sharing it :)
Hwei Oh
@jeff_zhang5 We decided to hunt ourselves versus finding a hunter, but do you think finding a hunter made a difference? I'm thinking potentially it could have, given their level of influence!
Jeff Zhang
@sanskar_tiwari it can go a long way. especially for me cuz i didn't have a lot of clout on product hunt. having a hunter to hunt automatically notifies all their followers about your app, etc.
Jeff Zhang
@hwei_oh It can make a difference. but it is time consuming to find a hunter willing to do it for free. so you will need to weigh that in your decision making. it time is an issue, I recommend just hunting it yourselves. but if you have time, go find a hunter cuz it does make a difference especially a top 100
Nursena İşler
We have been preparing for 1 month! And we look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!
Begüm Bayram
3 weeks I guess, after a point all articles talking about the same thing but we wanted to make a real communication with other makers. We tried to reach them on LinkedIn but this is a exhausting proccess. Maybe "Product Makers" can help you with that. We launched today go chek us!
Hwei Oh
NB. one bit of feedback I did receive from our own user community was that they found the choice of options to log into PH prohibitive. eg. if they were to log in using their Twitter account, they would have to then "give up" a lot of their personal data which they weren't willing to. Not sure if anyone has had that feedback? Some remarked having an option of just logging in via an email login would be better. I know many don't care, but given a lot of our network our security folks, they are always concerned about their PII.