No-ops solution, soon to be launched

Mohsen Kamrani
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Building a no-ops platform. Softwares are getting more complicated every day and we have to solve more and more complicated problems to become successful. To build such a product we need the platform that simplifies and support the process, maintenance and delivery of the product end to end. Imagine you could just specify your repositories and very basic settings for the components of your infrastructure and you could get a fully functional platform that hosts your applications, databases, other components like caching etc., plus giving you the ability to monitor them with predefined and customisable dashboards, integrated with Jira, Sentry, Git providers and much more. This is what we're building. An important part of what we do is that we build all of this on your own cloud platform(s) (yes there is an S, we support multi-cloud environments), so you can benefit from massive savings all passed on to you unlike some PaaS services that sell the service up to 100 times more costly. We're really hoping the community will love the result and cannot wait till we share it with everyone. Also this is the prelaunch link:
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