Which community has been the strongest in supporting and promoting your product?

Mohsen Kamrani
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From all the platforms out there, from our PH here, to Twitter, LinkedIn,... and many more, which one have you found the most helpful when it comes to building an audience that can help promote your product? Please exclude paid traffic and ads.


Got to be the Wannabe Entrepreneur community by @tiagorbf
Eli Galarza
twitter is undefeated
Twitter for most niches if there is some traction in following from the founder/community before the launch, targeted Facebook groups for others (not paid traffic, strictly organic)
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
LinkedIn for me, but truth be told, I'm not as active on Twitter as other product hunters are:)
Mohsen Kamrani
@anna_mandziuk Thanks Anna for sharing your experience, actually LinkedIn is gonna be my next focus pretty soon.
Jakub Piskor
I found a success to hanging out with Indie Hackers community. Very kind and supportive. I'm new on the site, but I generated visits and sign ups there.
Mohsen Kamrani
@jakub_piskor Thanks for actually suggesting something outside the list, Jakub. Maybe the reason I didn't mention it was the invitation only entry which has left me out... I still haven't managed to access it :/
Jakub Piskor
@m_kamrani I would give you invitation code, unfortunately I don't have one. But I got mine by tweeting and asking for code with hashtag indiehackers. Some people offered me invite codes. Maybe you can try it too.
Brian Briggs
For me, this all boils down to what your goal and target audience is. So if we are just sticking to organic posting and exclude paid ads as you mentioned above, with my target audience being entrepreneurs and content creators, Facebook and Instagram have been a great tool to market on as far as aggregating members. This may not work for everyone as everyone has a different target audience. The key is definitely to focus on what focal point of your product is and harness that around whatever platform that gives you the strongest push. Hope this helps. Good luck! =D
Mohsen Kamrani
@createhq Thanks Brian. We basically don't have any presence on instagram and facebook and still not sure how much they can be effective for SaaS startups. Also you're absolutely right about the target audience and the platforms that most likely you find your audience. And thanks for the kind words :)