No Code is the future? (Specially for Web & Mobile app)

Shakif Fahim
4 replies
What's your thought on this topic? People will be more interested in NO-CODE applications rather than writing codes?


Eivind Håverstad
I'm sure no-code apps will be used as popular tools In building MVPs. If they will be a prefered tolls in production - maby. What do you think?
Shakif Fahim
@eivindhaa Yeah for MVP stage it's acceptable I think. But I think, no matter how much this no code platform grow it will never become a mainstream! Time to time companies will come a create hype but will be never become a THING!!!
Shiva Prabhakaran
For MVP's yes. First couple of years of traction, yes. But I think we are at least 2-3 years from no-code apps reaching the same level as custom coded apps.