What's your thought on Dogecoin?

Shakif Fahim
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Dogecoin becomes the trendiest topic in the world nowadays. Elon Musk himself getting lots of hits for this too. Yesterday was Dogeday!! 😂 (CRAZY!!!) And I am getting some info that Elon Musk will send some Dogecoin to the moon on 22nd April! What're your thoughts on this guys? Do you think Dogecoin is here to stay and destroy the whole finance system or it's just a hype?
Dogecoin is here to stay
Dogecoin is going to the Moon!
It's just a hype!!!!
Buy Dogecoin now! 😅$


I have been collecting a whole load of free crypto for a few years now and I was pleasantly surprised to see Dogecoin surge. I got 100 free about a month ago and was happy it was worth £4, but now it is worth £23. If it keeps going higher I would be happy. One analyst claims it could hit $100/dogecoin by the end of this year. I don't know if that is possible but if it were, I would be sitting on $10,000. The thing is, I wouldn't buy crypto. I am just not brave or crazy enough to buy it when the price fluctuates so heavily. But if you have patience you can earn lots of the smaller currencies for free and hope they do a Dogecoin or even Cardano, Ripple, Neo which are all tipped to increase (all of which I have a few of in my wallet). And if anyone is wondering how and where I get free crypto from I have detailed it all on my blog at paulwoodthorpe.wordpress.com for anyone to read and have a go at. It really is very simple and if you are patient you can get a lot of satisfaction having a few coins in your wallet and watching these surges. If nothing else, its a great way to learn about Crypto, have some small amount of crypto that can make you a little beer money if it works out. Or you could do what I am doing, and hold on to it for a couple of decades and hope those Dogecoins, Bitcoins and the rest are enough to sell and retire! lol
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@exopaul awesome thought on dogecoin. I love to know more on that. Yeah am only hoping that it goes to at least $1+ by end of this year. Then this coin will have value not just a meme topic.
Dogecoin has no use case which will change the traditional finance system. The purpose for which doge was created is to be a MEME. Lots of doge are created everyday. For it to even reach a dollar it needs to be pumps like anything.
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@mahadeepray Do you think, Dogecoin has any backend infrastructure is ready to hold a 40/50B Dollar market cap? We all know that Bitcoin is limited and time to time mining bitcoin will become harder. On the other hand, Dogecoin got nothing like it! This factors scares me a lot in terms of investing :(
@shakif_fahim True that.. The price has fallen already. I am reading lot of post on people who entered at the top.