No-code exists today. Will there be such thing as No-Marketing?

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No-code has become quite popular today for builders to quickly ship a product or those with no experience in coding to test out MVPs. On a lighter note, will it be possible for something like No-Marketing to exist? It actually is hard but what would you actually expect from it, if it did come into existence?


I mean there are a lot of automation tools for marketing - email autoresponders, social media management tools, Analytics, APIs, Landing page design templates, easy forms, all these things have made it very easy to find and attract customers
@maxwellcdavis True these have made marketing much easier. And what's your way of reaching out to potential customers?
@gouthamj I've mentioned it here before but we're making use of API to identify potential customers and add them to our Hubspot CRM. Then we do have a little bit of manual intervention but we've got some processes after that that are automated (twitter Lists, email autoresponders etc.)
Archisman Das
I think if you look at the journey of humanity, it is a journey through different layers of abstraction. We automate a certain class of activities to spend more time on things that are more complex or enriching. I do think eventually machines will catch up on this aspect too. A starting point I can think of is a tool that looks at your app and recommends a customer growth plan. What channels, what tone, what positioning, what segment, so on. It may seem complex today but with the way data is getting accumulated, we may get there soon.
Hamed Baatour
"No-Marketing" already exists and it's called word of mouth.
Fabian Maume
That is a good question. I think the strategic part of marketing will stay: how to make segmentation, positioning, and targeting. It is the case with no-code: you need to understand workflow and logic to properly use no-code tools. the no-code tools only helps to lower the implementation effort. I see definitely AI helping lower the workload of marketing implementation: - GPT-3 starts to give good results for content creation. - Automatic ad biding works well at scale.
Kit Fach
I think while advancements in tech make it easier to build no-code tools, in marketing the changes in the world are making marketing more necessary. The world gets more and more complicated so simply building something is not enough of a marketing strategy. Even if you build something amazing you'll still face an uphill battle to get noticed. When FB and Google ads first started coming out it initially meant that businesses could fairly easily have successful ad campaigns. Now with rising ad costs, click fraud, and privacy concerns those simple ways of marketing are more challenging. In terms of no-marketing, the closest you could find right now is a marketing agency. In the future what I think could happen is that certain marketing aspects could be automated. For example, a website builder could auto A/B test different landing page layouts and copy. AI copywriting could assist with this especially if you started with a good human-written copy and then let AI play around with some different wording and test that for you. Distribution is another area when it comes to content marketing. Automating distributing your blog post onto Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others with auto-optimized captions. Auto compressing and resizing of images for the various social media platforms would be useful as well.
@kit_fach That was a really insightful explanation, Kit. True that marketing always has a changing environment so it's really difficult to automate.