NO code App

Allen Sleiman
4 replies
which is the easiest app or platform to build an app as I am very challenged with technology any help is much appreciated


Amit Sarda
Try glide apps. As long as you know how to create a simple table in Google Sheets, you're in safe hands. Glide will create an app out of the box which you can customize.
Himanshu Sharma
Start with Glide. Once you feel comfortable with Glide, move on to Zapier. Then learn a little bit of Webflow and try to combine it with Zapier. And finally move on to Bubble. I personally adopted the opposite approach and began with Bubble first. If I had to do it again, I'd begin with Glide.
Ali Sabti
my vote is for bubble, they have a wonderful community
Jasper Ruijs
As someone who started with Webflow and later discovered Bubble. Bubble is more no code friendly.