Night Owls vs Early Birds | Pros and Cons

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-Pros of being an early bird: 1: Life takes Place in the day it means they are more sociable. 2: Early birds are more proactive. 3: Early birds are healthier overall. -Cons of being an early bird: 1: Early bird needs more sleep, (sleep is very well but oversleep is no good). 2: Early birds get no sudden burst of energy. -Pros of being a night owl: 1: Night owls are more intelligent. 2: Night owls have more stamina (stamina: the ability to sustain the prolonged physical or mental effort, their mental focus in this case). 3: Night owls are more productive. -Cons of being a night owl: 1: Night owls struggle with non-work activities (social activities). 2: Night Owls generally are more depressed. ¿Who wins post your comment below? Hey, by the way, if you are an entrepreneur, I'm working on a project to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster through networking because teamwork makes dreams work, so now you can find your peers, mentors, and investors in minutes. (Check it out and give me your FEEDBACK, thanks.)


Edward Park
I believe finding yourself and finding what you like in terms of being night owl/early bird is the most important matter. I personally found it after several years of corporate life and I'm pretty happy with what I found for myself - being a night owl works best with me.