New project - Upcoming Solana NFT (Moonly)

Stefan Smiljkovic
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Good day, good people! After a short break of sharing my progress update for Automatio, I am back with a new project. Meanwhile I got married and became a father (minted) beautiful girl called M.... As you may know already, I devote time to building a no-code web automation tool called Automatio (a powerful web scraper and bot builder). But I also dived into Solana NFT blockchain development a couple of months ago. And despite the challenges, it’s been an exciting ride. The project I am currently developing is It's a fresh database of trending NFT projects, that helps you recommend the best upcoming NFT projects worth investing in on Solana. I’ve been on to NFT for quite some time now, and I know how difficult it can be to decide what NFT project is worth the time and investment. This problem and other salient ones are what I vision Moonly to solve. Moonly is curently at its prototype stage, and its getting rebuilt from scratch using Javascript stack. Moonly is able to recognize possible blue-chip NFT projects analyzing over 18 different factors like social stats, engagement, validation of followers, growth rate, doxxed founders, roadmap, Discord community, etc. It will offer a set of tools to help you monitor existing NFT projects and make better decisions on trading. Like Floor Price, Volume, Listing count historical data, undercut opportunities, and more. Here you can find top 15 Solana NFT projects of all time, sorted by volume. Those links below are to the Moonly pages where you can find more informations about each project. Once have in mind what you currently see is just a prototype and fully rebuilt version is comming soon with much more data for each of the project. I would like to know are you into NFT game, if yes, on what chain you are Solana or Ethereum, and what NFT project you are holding. And would appreciate your honest feedback on the project itself. Peace,


Bogdan Popadic
Congrats on the biggest project of life becoming a husband and father!!! Moonly can be helpful for new people coming to NFT community and making decisions for future project investments. All the best to your new project.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@bogdan_popadic Thanks Boko! Indeed, biggest project and best mint ever is Mila! And regarding the Moonly, it will be really useful to people in NFT space, specially when we release complet upgrade.
Jonathan Massabni
Very cool idea! I haven't made any move in NFT yet, was missing this kind of tool :) Providing tangible data to NFT investments right now is gold. All the projects I've seen so far were Ethereum based so it's good to see diversification as well. And congrats on fatherhood!!
Stefan Smiljkovic
@jonathanm Tnx mate! Sorry for the delayed response. Be careful with NFT, person can burn money easy just by investing on Twitter followers or even a great art. That are not guaranteed metrics for success.
Tanmay M
Damn the UI is really nice 👌