Never lost belief in the quality/potential of my idea, but some days I feel demotivated. Am I alone?

Oliver Kraftman
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Often my motivation and excitement from what I'm doing are strong. But sometimes, my inherent motivation seems to be amiss. I then get worried about this happening and my anxiety goes up - damaging my productivity further! Should I be around? Or should I accept that this is just part of the journey, the ups and downs of starting something on your own?


Nuh uh, you're not alone. Just yesterday I was saying to my partner how this weekend and yesterday I've barely been productive as I'd done literally no work tasks for my business. Though now I've learnt not to get stressed about it, or force myself to try and be productive. As, like you, I believe in the quality and potential of my idea, my motivation levels always soar back up eventually whether its the next day - As is the case today - Or several days later. I've learnt not to burn myself out by forcing myself to work on my business, if I'm not in the mood to so. As the one time I did that over Summer it took me 4 weeks to jump back into business mode - Although I did have coving during one of those weeks too. Anyway moral of the story = Rest up when you need to, take your health just as seriously as you do your business.
Oliver Kraftman
@dkaravias These communities are actually great for alleviating the loneliness of being a founder! Thanks mate
Youri Nelson
You definitely are not alone! I think that anxiety/fear sometime leads me to let myself get distracted by instagram or netflix to drown the noise of fear/anxiety I may be experiencing which completely kills my productivity even though I have the motivation and excitement for the idea.
Molly Chopps
My father always told me, 'Believe in yourself and you will succeed". I still stick to his words. I recently wrote about belief, using to do it. Wrote everything I was thinking about. I've accomplished a lot in life because of it. No one can take faith away from you, take advantage of it.