Do you have a process for working through days when you don't feel great?

Oliver Kraftman
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We all have days when we aren't feeling 100%. Tiredness, slightly ill, stress, our dog dying, randomly anxious etc etc. What are your mental and habitual approaches to managing these days? Power through as much as possible? Actively rest?


Valerie Borshch
I divide tasks and get the easiest for those days. You know, there's always something to procrastinate on... especially when it takes a little time but you postpone it, in order to take harder backlog tasks. As well, I got my separate ideas backlog or some bookmarks that I save for later. But remember when you're really feeling exhausted, you need to take a rest. Nice article on topic:
Youri Nelson
I know this sounds silly but I start by being intentional about making my bed that morning, because if I accomplish nothing else that day I'll at least have that. And then I try to focus on the first task ahead of me and not worry about everything else I have to do. But to be completely honest I have not found a secret recipe yet, days I feel down, I can really struggle. Some of those days I feel like I came out on top and some others I don't but I have to be okay with that right?
Youri Nelson
also unrelated but @oliver_kraftman I tried to sign up for the early access of collate using my email address with the +topic as gmail let's you do for organization purposes and the form wouldn't accept it (ex:, idk if that's helpful but I would imagine many people may run into this issue.
Яна Саковская
Trying pick most easier and less stresfull task for such days and if even this dont help, just take a rest!
Isabel Nyo
Depending on the situation, I'd do one of two things: 1) If I was just feeling lazy or uninspired, I'd not dwell on it too much, instead, follow the system* that I created to get things done. I've made it easy for myself so I don't need to rely on motivation or inspiration. I can just get to work. 2) If there is a real issue, eg: sickness, emotional issues, etc, I'd take a break, be kind to myself, and seek help if the feeling persists. If you are interested in the system I created, it's here: