Name the piece of office furniture or other item that made your setup 🔥

Michael Silber
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I'll go first — I bought a keyboard tray from iMover and I finally understand what good ergonomics means. I feel so much better sitting or standing at my desk for several hours.


Chandan Maruthi
My office chair, worth the investment for my back. I sometime dont stand for several hours when in a flow
Michael Silber
@chandan_maruthi1 for sure, a good chair is key. I was lucky enough to buy a steeply discounted Aeron chair from someone that was accidentally shipped two ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Added some new lights to the room. And it was worth it :)
Michael Silber
@adityavsc Nice! I had a lifx strip attached to the back of my computer for some fun bias lighting. It actually works really well for video calls since I can get a bunch of diffuse light to bounce off my white walls behind my monitor
@adityavsc I kinda jelly of the lighting, such a mood but please make sure it doesn't strain your eyes!!
Misha Krunic
I'm assuming this answer is going to be the most popular one, but there is a good reason for it: An office chair. It's just a game changer. Not having to adjust my seating posture all the time and being comfortable while I'm working on my projects - I just don't think I'll be able to downgrade ever again.
My Logitech Ergo k860 keyboard has been a gamechanger. My wrist and hands used to hurt like crazy, not anymore. It's also really satisfying to type on.
Mike Mirandi
Bose Companion speakers (home office 😎)
Keyboard tray, mouse mat & wooden monitor stand << Hoping that having these will mean I'll spend more time working from my Desktop rather than laptop and phone.
Max Velin
They recently put massage chairs in the lobby of our office. I didn't even know they had this before. It turns out that a lot of companies have them. I read that we supposedly lead a sedentary life, because of which our whole body is numb while we work. And in this way with the help of massage chairs at lunchtime can rest. I think this is the best furniture you can have in an office.
Zoe Stella
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Xdio Gawer
Well all the furniture of my office is amazing but I like my table because the material and design is unique and its very comfortable for office work you can buy furniture online uk by visiting on this link.
Rizwan Jutt
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I approached the arrangement of the workplace with special responsibility. I spend most of my time sitting at the computer. Therefore, it is very important for me to choose comfortable and functional furniture. The shop helped me with this. Now my workplace is not just comfortable, but also a beautiful and functional workspace.
The main piece of office equipment that really elevated my setup was a standing desk that was ergonomically built to order. I can alternate between sitting and standing at this workstation, which helps me maintain proper posture and lessens strain while I work long hours. When combined with a premium ergonomic chair, it guarantees both my comfort and productivity. :)) In addition, my workplace is set up with lots of storage options, such shelving and filing cabinets, which help to keep everything accessible and organized. My workstation looks more sophisticated and has great lighting for late-night work sessions thanks to a fashionable and practical desk lamp. By the way I've bought it on https://www.valuecityfurniture.c..., and I totally recommend this source !
Demian Dex
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Just got this cool tray for my keyboard from iMover, and it's making my workspace super comfy! Sitting or standing at my desk for a long time feels much better now. No more aches! If you want to make your office setup awesome, get one of these. Also, check out for really nice furniture covers! They have covers to keep your outdoor furniture looking great.
 Leg Exerciser
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Keyboard tray, mouse mat & wooden monitor stand. Say goodbye to the hassle of furniture removal on Long Island at furniture removal long island! Whether you're relocating, downsizing, or simply refreshing your space, our experienced team is here to make your move seamless and stress-free.
Hi there, sorry for bumping post but I wanna add my words that the Live Edge Table transformed my office setup. Natural wood beauty and unique design of this Live Edge Tables brought warmth and character to my workspace, elevating the ambiance instantly. Not only does it serve as a functional piece of furniture, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and style. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their office environment.