Name of new products?

Gabriele Sangrigoli
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Let's suppose you have a company that makes 10 products. Each product is not that different from the others, they use almost the same technology to accomplish similar tasks. Would you name each product differently and give an identity to each product or would you keep it simple? Example: Dishwasher 1.1 Dishwasher 1.1 super Dishwasher 1.3 Dishwasher 2.1 etc or Betty the washer I-wash Givemedishes Obama-dishes-care (sorry, I have no imagination)


Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! What an interesting question :) I think it is better to use a separate name for each product. For example, a little creativity from me. Internet Marketing Course. Launch every 2 months. Simple name - Internet Marketing Course 1.0, Internet Marketing Course 2.0, Internet Marketing Course 3.0.... But I would use something like this: Internet Marketing Course. The course that will change your life. Internet Marketing Course. For beginners and professionals. Internet Marketing Course. The best profession for remote work. Internet Marketing Course. For all ages, educational backgrounds and gender. Internet Marketing Course. Master a profitable and popular direction in 1 month.
Jaskiran Kaur
If the concept is the same yet they are somehow different can be named a little differently. Example School Management App and College Management app and Learning management app, same concept yet different. It can help you will SEO too.
Stefan Morris
If the products are differentiated by features, I would employ a naming system similar to let's say Apple's iPhones, or vehicle models. If they were considered completely different products, then I would name them differently (however I think based on your question, the former is more applicable)