How much do you eat working remotely?

Gabriele Sangrigoli
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Do you eat more when working from home? I have gained weight working from home even if I cook every meal because I have more time... well, more time to eat! What about you?


Yea I eat more at home. Need to work out more :D
Angi Bowman
It's not necessarily that I eat more at work as much as it is I eat less at home. Even though my desk is conveniently right by the kitchen, it's easier to work through lunch or dinner. Or I'll grab a quick, healthy lunch and then walk around the block.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
@lucky__angi I have just a question for you: did you take breaks at work? Like at launch time, did you use to eat at your deks?
Angi Bowman
@gabriele_sangrigoli Lucky Orange's office is pretty lively, so it's hard to eat at our desks. I've tried, but usually I get pulled into a conversation with some coworkers and eat with them. When the weather is nice, we'll eat outside together. So it's allowed to eat at desks, but the peer pressure to eat with others is stronger. Working at Lucky Orange, you learn very quickly that people notice if you aren't eating lunch and grab you a sandwich to eat.
Some of my friends have such a problem - they overeat at home. I am lucky as I eat intuitively very successfully, that is, I eat only when the body needs food and only the necessary amount both at home and in the office. However, I know that it can be difficult to resist if you have a delicious piece of cake or snacks at home.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
@iren_bioinformatician Question: Do you think they overeat because of stress? I don't know how you can resist to eat all the time. Nobody is watching you and you are alone with your wonderful food pantry *-* You must have a ton of selfcontrol
@gabriele_sangrigoli I believe, stress could be the main reason. And at home there are often more opportunities to grab some delicious morsel. What about me, now food doesn't give me joy, I mean it does not give me anything but the feeling full. That's the reason why I don't overeat.
Alina Ihnatiuk
I work remotely for 5-6 hours, eat 2 times a day. Strange, but I didn't eat more at home :)
David J. Kim
I eat more at home, but I also have more time to workout more so it balances out!
Galia Ben David
I actually didn't notice while I was at lockdown! But I think it's important to be compassionate towards ourselves and our bodies as they change during these challenging times