My new productivity system for 2022

Matthew Johnson
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Given I'm working on a productivity tool, I spend *a lot* of time thinking about productivity and tweaking my own routines to boost my focus and output. At the beginning of this year, I switched around my productivity system, driven by a new timeblocking feature we released for our product (Taskable). I've found a dramatic improvement in my efficiency and how I feel about where I am spending my time. I can feel good about taking time away from work and spending more on personal endeavors like exercise and reading. Here's how it works for me. Obviously, it's personal, but perhaps this can inspire other makers looking to boost focus and productivity. My system is built around planning rituals. The first is a weekly planning session on Monday. Everything in my backlog has a priority level assigned. So I sort by priority and start with the items at the top of the list. I then slot them in for the days I want to work on them during the week. This helps me feel less stressed about my backlog because I've now added structure and a plan. It also helps me visualize what I can accomplish each week and be more realistic about my priorities. My second ritual is regular calibration throughout the week. Obviously, new fires start burning, so I have to plan when I can address those throughout the week. Or I have too little or too much scheduled for each day and need to reschedule certain things for later dates or move them back into my backlog. The third ritual is evening planning. For me, this is the most critical. I look forward to the next day at the end of each day. I take stock of the meetings I have and look at all the planned tasks. I then timeblock them all in my calendar. This prevents anyone from booking appointments with me in my Calendly. It also lets me go to bed knowing how my next day will go. That means no surprise meetings or deadlines, and when I wake up, I know exactly where to start. The final ritual I have is daily morning planning. This is taking a look at my inbox quickly to see if there are any emergencies I need to address. That way I know nothing is slipping through the cracks. While this might sound like a lot of overhead, IMO the most critical thing you can do to increase efficiency and focus is plan. If you don't you are liable to be working on things that aren't as important, or just going through the motions rather than working on things that truly move the needle. It's really easy to let your day be dedicated by your inbox, rather than your priorities and what's most important. Planning, timeblocking, etc help you prevent this. Plus, I am able to do most of these rituals in less than 5 minutes - weekly planning usually takes a bit longer (maybe 10 minutes). I hope that’s helpful for others out there! I wrote up a full blog on this, plus how I make it happen practically here if you’re interested in reading more:


Vasishta Chary
This was super helpful - I have a similar system to managing my time, just that i prefer to plan the night before especially the top 2 priorities so that i know what i am waking up to
Cathy Patalas
Great tips, thanks for them
Qudsia Ali
You have shared so many great insights on being productive. Evening Planning is a must for me. Congratulations on the taskable 2.0 launch; it seems an excellent product for productivity and planning.
Siena Romes
Great tips! I've also been working on my schedule so I don't tend to just work!
Tapos Akhonda
Thanks for the nice work!
Nicole Ogloza
Thanks for this. How would you go about a startup team with 30+ people on it, over 7 different timezones, each working part-time? I am really trying to iron out a way of alignment for our team (also, everyone is a volunteer and unpaid) so it presents a lot of time management challenges. curious to hear your thoughts? Also, how did you use the principles above pre and post covid, and how do they differ?
Denis Klimin
Great! It's helpful, but what supportive soft do you use?