MS Teams integration for Google Ads from the Developer Point of View

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🚀Here our MS Teams integration for Google Ads 👨🏽‍💻 Developed by Pedro Ávila: As a developer, Microsoft Teams is a fascinating platform with plenty of features you can add to your app. I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but everything was clear once it was understood that every little feature in Teams fits perfectly with Clever Ads. - The tech stack and docs Microsoft Teams provides are extremely useful and have plenty of settings to customize your project. In our case, Clever Ads bot works with Bot Framework SDKv.3 for NodeJS, getting the most of its dialogs flow system and token management. - Tabs feature. It is fantastic for a developer, embedding your web app straight into Microsoft Teams helps you solve some complex situations. It can be a nightmare though, as you will need to take care of CORS and iframe restrictions to not end up with a mess in a tab. - Adaptive cards. It is probably the thing I like the most about the development of this app. One of my worries at first was the complexity of filling out certain information and forms in a chat. Adaptive Cards came to shine making things extremely customizable for user interfaces and messages that fit perfectly in the Microsoft Teams chat experience. There’s almost no limit to what you can do in a Microsoft Teams app, but be careful, the approval process will ensure your app satisfies quality standards to be published at AppSource and the Microsoft Teams store.


Awesome! Congrats on the launch!